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Infinite Black GM Screen Miskatonics Lower Library (RPG-S03)

Infinite Black GM Screen Miskatonic's Lower Library (RPG-S03)

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CAD$ 30.88
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    The Miskatonic Lower Library Game Master Screen is, we think, the best screen for running a 5th edition game. We packed as much “crunch” and vital information as we possibly could into the screen and the additional screen extender rules reference. The side facing the players depicts a row of esoteric tomes from Miskatonic University's Lower Library. On the inside facing the Loremaster are rules for quick reference including: weapons, armor, cover, resting, conditions, combat actions, hiding, climbing, attacks of opportunity, falling, resistance and vulnerability, flanking, shooting into melee, grappling/unarmed combat and more! The screen includes a sturdy insert that can double as a screen extender with additional quick reference on travel, exhaustion, food and water, and more. The screen measures 40 inches long by 8.5 inches high.

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